• Transform your PPT deck with a crystal clear message and using only 3 or 6 or 12 slides!

    Instead of rushing to make PPT slides, ask yourself what’s the point of your presentation. What’s your intention? The goal? The aim? The purpose? It must sound like this, e.g., "the purpose of my presentation is to influence my boss to raise my pay so that I can feed my 16 kids”.

  • What? A book that really tells us how to make killer presentations without all the usual bullsh*t!

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    ”From designing to delivering your message, this book walks you through the steps and aspects that will help you create WoW presentations.“



    ”Fantastic read, quick & easy to understand. Practical & hilarious!“

    Weilai Audrey Fieser


    ”Great ideas, great illustrations, great book!“



    Want more right? Well, that means it’s time to get your own copy of the book!

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    And why call it Sticky Steps?  Simple, our steps stick to you forever, which means your habits change for the better, forever!

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