• Influence your customers with stories.

    Make them trust you, love you, and love you again!



  • Storytelling to Influence

    Facts and information are only stored in our memory for short periods of time. How can we influence decision-makers if they can’t remember anything that we’re saying?


    Stories can help to connect the dots in your audience’s heads while keeping their attention on what you’re saying.


    How do we tell effective stories that will influence the important decision-makers we speak with?


    Read our free e-book to learn how to build a library of stories and deliver them smoothly.

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    Learn how to influence others in 10 minutes!

    Create Killer Presentations to WoW!

    Ever wondered how great presenters make it look so easy — like when they’re presenting to their boss or a room full of people or an entire audience?


    Learn how to keep your cool when presenting with our Killer Presentations course, so you can influence and captivate any audience with confidence and a message that STICKS.

    What’s the problem with solving problems?​

    Problem Solving and Fearless Decision Making

    Just make a quick decision and be done with it, right?


    WRONG! We all know that pesky F-word gets in the way…No, not THAT F-word! This one: FEAR. Fear makes our brains search for the easy way out, so we get STUCK.


    If only there was a process or method you could follow and practice so it made it easy to fearlessly make decisions…


    HOLD IT! We’ve got it! Our newest course is all about how you can solve problems and make decisions fearlessly, and we back it with science, naturally. Just click the red button to learn how, and never let the F-word hold you back again.

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  • Hold it — how do we know our steps are sticky?!

    Sticky Steps

    Some courses teach you WHAT … others teach you WHY … but they’re often missing the HOW TO. And that’s what makes the essential skills in Sticky Steps courses actually STICK with you so you can build new habits and be successful in the workplace and beyond!


    And, of course, we back all our methods with science — and who are we to argue with science?! See for yourself and get more tips by clicking the button below.