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    • What’s the problem with solving problems?

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      WRONG! We all know that pesky F-word gets in the way…No, not THAT F-word! This one: FEAR. Fear makes our brains search for the easy way out, so we get STUCK.


      If only there was a process or method you could follow and practice so it made it easy to fearlessly make decisions…


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      It’s challenging living in a world that has so much information, making it nearly impossible to create new habits around essential skills. And sometimes, the information available to us is hard to understand, takes too long to read, is boring, and often not useful. In other words, it doesn’t help our brains be the best they can be.


      That’s why, at Sticky Steps, we use methods that combine the best thinking in neuroscience and military aviation training with East-West education methods. Sounds super fancy, right? Well, it’s not, but it IS fun, engaging, and definitely quirky.


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    • What our Friends are Saying

    • Hold it — how do we know our steps are sticky?!

      Some courses teach you WHAT … others teach you WHY … but they’re often missing the HOW TO. And that’s what makes the essential skills in Sticky Steps courses actually STICK with you so you can build new habits and be successful in the workplace and beyond!


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